It is not an easy task to write down in a few sentences the overwhelming affection I have for breakfast. But to give you a little background information, I moved to Melbourne from the Swedish capital Stockholm in February of 2008 to attend La Trobe University. I knew that I liked Australia, since I had (like so many other Swedes, come on you’ve probably met some) backpacked up the east coast a few years earlier. I had however never been to Melbourne before.

When I arrived here I must say that I started a little love affair with this city which in many ways are like home, but in many other not. But the single, biggest and most important reason why I have taken Melbourne to heart is the fact that wherever you are, in the city or the suburbs, there is a little thing called ALL DAY BREAKFAST! This wonderful phenomenon is a new occurance to me and I tresure it and make sure to make the most of it while I am here (another 1,5 years).

Since I enjoy this indulging breakfast behaviour of yours I might as well make the most of it and try as many café’s, as many poached eggs and mushrooms (usually my dish of choice) as possible, and if there’s anyone out there who shares my passion – please follow this quest for the PERFECT breakfast.



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  1. Love dining out for breakfast too!
    Looking forward to your reports.

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