Northcote’s full blood


Palomino: “Colour type of horse distinguished by its cream, yellow, or gold coat and white or silver mane and tail.” (Britannica Online)

It is also a white wine grape grown in Australia amongst other countries.

Most importantly though (for this blog at least), Palomino is a café located in Northcote (236 High St).

I must say though that the café has some resemblance to the breed of horse mentioned above, as the horse, it seems to think it is a bit better than the other half-breeds in the stable. At least according to their service.

The food however, is another story. The egg selection steers away from the conventional scrambled, poached or fried – instead Palomino offers them soft-boiled in the shell ($7 without extras), baked ($10) or wrapped ($13).

However the glory of Palomino must be their sandwiches, and that is usually what I order there. Even if I am a bit cuckoo about eggs from my experience the eggs aren’t the safest bet at this particular café. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy the soft-boiled eggs – at times – however more often then not they have been a bit on the sloppy side when the egg white has been almost softer then the yolk.

Eggs are served until 2pm, so if you’re not sure you’ll make their deadline and you’re in the mood for eggs  – don’t bother you will not be served.

Palomino does serve good coffee, and some good food. However the problem with the place lies in that they seem to think they are much better than they actually are.
I once waited 40 minutes for my Mushroom Bruschetta (which actually is pretty good) only to be told that they ran out of mushrooms, no apologies, no rebates.

The lack of service and the ‘too-cool-for-school’ attitude of the staff is something that really puts a cloud over the food experience. When researching the venue this seem to be something other punters (i.e. the comments on this post) also have reacted on.

Still, they sure have something going for them; Palomino is undisputedly the water hole for Northcote’s “latte-sipping trendies” (described in Suzanne Robson’s article Northcote branded a suburb of posers).


One response to “Northcote’s full blood

  1. hmmm…i go there often, have done since they opened and have never encountered the issues you mention.

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