Brekky with a side of Spain


Bebida (325 Smith Street), the Fitzroy Tapas bar and cafe is the home of one of my favourite Melbourne meals.

Luckily (for them) I am not reviewing their dinner/tapas menu – please don’t call it tapas when you obviously cannot master the Spanish cuisine- but their breakfast.

More so, their piece de la resistance – Huevos con Jamon. A breakfast so perfect that I honestly cannot tell you anything about the other items on the menu; haven’t ordered anything else, and (if I don’t develop an allergy against prosciutto, or god help me – eggs) I probably never will.
Just say the words; Huevos con Jamon, feel them roll over your tongue. Not really as exciting as Eggs with Ham (Eng. Translation). However there is nothing boring about this dish.

Let’s start from the bottom, a thick slice of sourdough toast – maybe not toasted, perhaps lightly fried – covered in cream cheese. A couple of slices of prosciutto (or is it Serrano in Spain, always mix that up) topped with a perfectly poached egg. You know, when you slice it and the creamy yolk runs out over your bread but somehow the white isn’t runny at all. To finish it off a reduction of roasted capsicum drizzled over the entire thing. Come on, how good does that sound?

Sadly an error in the creation and printing of their new menu’s resulted in shock one morning when I came in for my Huevos fix. Looking through the menu (in order to not stress my friends who don’t share my passion and needed some time to decide) I realised that my meal was not on there. With the anxiety growing in my chest (or probably stomach in this case) I went up to the bar (where you order) and asked worriedly if they still served the marvellous meal, luckily they did.

huevos con jamon

The Huevos con Jamon in all its glory

If life would play a dirty trick on me and the Huevos would be no more. From what my friends that have been dragged there over and over by their ravenous pal gather (and from the bites I have stolen from them), the Croque Monsieur , the Big Daddy (basically a regular big brekky) and the Bebida Burrito are all very good while the Breakfast Pide and the Corn & Coriander Fritters should be avoided if you’re not a big fan of grease.

Oh listen to me going on and on, I haven’t even described the atmosphere, service or locale. Well I’ll try to sum it up; Bebida is a cosy restaurant, especially the fairy lighted courtyard. The staff is friendly, but not in your face. The coffee (Atomica) is very good but varies depending on the barista, and the price is reasonable (at least for breakfast).

Their full menu, with prices is available here. Please don’t be discouraged that you can’t see the meal I’ve so thoroughly just described there. Just go in and order it, so they never, ever, remove it completely.


3 responses to “Brekky with a side of Spain

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    ps could you change the tag to Fitzroy please? Bebida is on the Fitzroy side of the street!

  2. Cheers, done and done.

  3. Brings back wonderful memories of when my husband and I travelled through Spain. The food there was amazing. We really filled our boots!

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