Mix(ed) business with pleasure


Today was a very busy Saturday at the best cafe (that I’ve visited)  in Clifton Hill, had to wait a couple of minutes before a table was ready for me and my fellow eaters. Though I must say, it was worth waiting for.

Mixed business (486 Queens Parade) is the pearl of Clifton Hill. The minimalistic interior is somehow cosy even if the bare concrete floor and white tables wouldn’t normally convey that feeling. Maybe it’s the friendly staff or the laid back background music (Tom Waits the choice of the day). However if the weather is nice and you get the chance, try to steal a spot in the courtyard out the back; the table by the lemon tree is probably the best seat in the house.

Food wise, well the varieties of styles that accompany their poached eggs on sourdough is almost overwhelming. In my opinion the best ones are the pancetta and parmesan as well as the potato and rosemary rosti (the Swiss take on a potato cake) and avocado – served with one of the best relishes I’ve had. There are also variations’ including beans and avocado, sausages and white beans as well as other delicious combinations.

Poached eggs seem to be their speciality, they only have one other egg item on the menu – cobbled eggs (baked), so if you want them scrambled or fried; this isn’t the place for you. Other than that they have a vast selection of sandwiches that looks pretty tasty, but I obviously haven’t tasted those ones, hey – eggs are my life. The lunch menu/specials board is changed frequently if you’re bringing a buddy that doesn’t share your ‘brekky’ passion, pfft.

To go with your breakfast of choice, you will of course need a cup of coffee. Mixed business is renowned for their tasty javas. Serving beans from the speciality roasters St Ali’s (located in South Melbourne) the baristas succeed in bringing the punters excellent coffee.

The meals are fairly priced, the poached eggs range from $8-14 and the coffee will cost you around $3 (20c extra for soy). Be sure to bring some cash though, no eftpos available. Furthermore please don’t repeat my mistake of venturing out there on a Monday, they’re closed. Open all other days from 7.30am til 5pm (4pm on weekends)

They certainly get this aficionado’s seal of approval; go, eat, drink and enjoy!


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